Our Philosophy

"My ultimate goal is to help you create a space that you feel proud of and that you want to spend time in! Hence, great designs begin by focusing on you. After all, your space is not just an inanimate concept but one that you occupy, that is living, that is breathing and one that expresses you, one that defines you! Inspiration comes from various sources and affects us at different times.

I've found that rushed jobs are not usually the best way and therefore always recommend that you give yourself plenty of time. Time to feel comfortable with all the decisions, knowing everything is exactly how you want it. I am also a perfectionist who strives for total client satisfaction. (please click here to read some of my client testimonials) 

I take an enormous amount of personal pride in all my work and this is reflected by my careful scrutiny and attention to detail, right down to the last finishing touch. Great communication throughout the project is of the utmost importance. With good communication the designer, client and suppliers all understand the details of the project, and therefore create a smooth running process. Everyone is happy!"

Natalie Du Bois