Simplistic Kitchen

My client wanted a dramatic striking kitchen area for their new home. They were keen on having an uncluttered look with as few appliances visible from their open plan living area. The appliances on view are kept to a minimum by hiding the oven and microwave behind sliding doors and by keeping the two dish drawers on the inside of the island. The rangehood is also hidden behind doors so the only items you actually see when you walk in the room are the fridge freezer and hob.

Abstract modern art is featured throughout this house and was the inspiration behind choosing the vivid orange for the cooking and behind the internal sliding pantry area. This orange teamed up with the highly polished black and stark white glossy lacquer for the cabinetry and the highly reflective stainless steel all portray a very contemporary feel. The opposite wall to the kitchen has a large painting that has this exact orange colour used in the kitchen which creates a feeling of continuity and balance throughout the space.

An antique black crystal chandelier is suspended above the dining table to emphasise the high ceilings and to add extra drama and a touch of femininity to what could be a very masculine looking space. The natural warmth of the Travertine floor grounds all of these hard colours and surfaces to create a welcoming and inviting result. Excessive polishing of the stainless steel below the island gives off a mirror effect where sometimes one has to look twice at to see that there is actually a support below the island, the reflections it creates makes it look as if the floor runs all the way through the island.

Combining the three finishes for the cabinetry, including the flowing shiny organic granite top and teaming up bold striking colours creates a kitchen that is vivid and exciting which compliment the architecture of this new home.