Modern Kitchen

The original kitchen was dark and overpowering - the clients wanted a serene, light and calm feel for their new kitchen. This is achieved by introducing a soft neutral colour palette where all the materials are based around the same tone. Each product has its own unique texture but at the same time the tone links the products together. The timber panelling throughout the kitchen is painted to the exact colour in which the coloured glass is used for all the doors. The timber panelling is warm and slightly rough to the touch whereas the coloured glass cabinetry is reflective, hard and cool. The other products like the benchtops are also based on the same off white tone and they are smooth and velvety which contrast nicely with the natural limestone tiles used as the splashback which are textured and feel solid and cold.

Outside the kitchen are entertainment decks where the clients spend a lot of time so it was important the kitchen looked impressive from the exterior too. The ivory colours of the kitchen have been chosen to work with the charcoal and cream exterior cladding. Simple symmetry and balance is visible which is highlighted by the subtle lighting. The clients wanted a large area which could be dedicated to their extensive wine storage and they also required a separate area where their children could make breakfast which was out of the way from the main kitchen area.

The scullery is neatly tucked around the corner and the wine cellar has been designed with large sliding doors which aid towards the temperature control which is much needed when storing wine. The decision to use natural limestone tiles in the wine cellar area was also to keep the space as cool as possible. Plus the wine fridge is located just outside this space for the same reason as heat generated from fridges could have effected this quite badly if placed inside.

The showpiece to this kitchen/Pantry/Cellar space would have to be the unique steel pegs specially designed which in effect clad the wall like a piece of artwork. This display is visible from the dining and living area giving the space a warm ambience.