Traditional Bathroom

The client wanted a sophisticated yet dramatic bathroom.

The fireplace was unfit to be used in its true form so instead of removing this great design element I decided to create the alcove for towel storage. I am very keen on using what might be challenging spaces and making them more useful. I am keen on spaces being used for different things than what they were originally planned for.

An antique chair was added to the entrance of the bathroom, this is to add a sense of relaxation to the space. It also has the fabulous function of being somewhere to perch whilst putting on stockings, socks or slippers.

Mixing the soft finishes from the chair, bath towels and the raw plastered fireplace makes it look less clinical and cold.

A chunky slab of Carrara marble is used as the basin - this is the showpiece to this bathroom. It gently dips down making it a really practical basin with no joins. The cabinetry has lacquered mesh inserted into square frames with four solid legs which makes the cabinet look like a old piece of furniture like an old Edwardian washstand.