Cabin Bathroom

This bathroom is the result of transforming one large communal bathroom into two separate smaller bathrooms. The space available for both bathrooms equals only 4.6m2 so to compensate for the small area generously-sized shower units have been fitted in each of the new bathrooms to create the impression of a much larger comfortable space. The clear glass sliding doors visually disappear within the space, whilst the larger floor area of the showers provides plenty of space to move around in whilst showering.

The only source of natural light within this bathroom is provided by three frosted windows above the stairwell. To benefit from as much of this light as possible, a tall mirrored storage unit has been placed directly opposite. This has helped to bounce the available light throughout the bathroom, creating a warm natural glow during the day. Additionally, the storage unit has been recessed into the wall cavity to maximise storage space, whilst minimising the use of floor space. Further storage space is provided via two drawers within the vanity, and a shelf beneath the vanity basin - perfect for storing extra towels. A second mirrored unit was added to provide even more space for doing hair and makeup - essential when having teenage friends round to stay!

The bright feel of the bathroom is further enhanced using white-washed timber effect tiles, helping to create an informal and relaxed 'nautical' feel. An organic curve introduced to the fixtures and fittings helps to complete the look, bringing a fresh and youthful feel to the girls' bathroom. An organic curve is introduced into the design of the fixtures and fittings throughout the bathroom which brings a youthful feeling to the girls’ bathroom.